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Childsplay is an explosive band that has hit the music scene hard! Their aggressive original material is always a hit live and have been performing non-stop for the past 5 years and have played many local clubs, festivals and large venues. Childsplay has currently released their second album called "Righteous Rampage".



“Childplay will rip your face off! Cool stuff!" 
JOE SHITHEAD KEITHLEY / D.O.A. / Sudden Death Records"
"Generation Automation is a cracking album that had the Punk Online team in awe." 
"Straight-up traditional no frills punk record. This fresh blood is exactly what the punk scene seems to need right now." 
"Now where Joey Kiethley of D.O.A. finally goes into politics, Childsplay could be the new punk kings of Vancouver." 
“The songs on “Righteous Rampage” are fast, smart, energetic, furious and unforgiving…all in a good way. A high quality short length EP from a shockingly good new old-school band.”
It's been too long since a band have blasted through with the energy and raw sound of the likes of early D.O.A. and the Casualties. 
This is how to kick off a career and get noticed by the audience you’re aiming for. Aggressive, catchy and full of life, Childsplay makes a well-deserved name for itself.
Now, this band takes me back to the 80’s when punk was punk and had a real raw energy to it. 
This young band from Vancouver kicks some major ass... Not a sinker track on this CD.
These four Canadians offer - not entirely selfless – as a replacement drug for fans of (early) ANTI FLAG, CASUALTIES and EXPLOITED. Uncompromising, dead-straight and sometimes violently the kids on their debut smash eight songs out, almost shouting after riot, revolt and Stinkefi longer. 
"Childsplay rocks! This young band plays with the authority of players twice their age and experience. 
Their sound is raw and authentic. No artifice here - these guys know and love this genre of music and it shows!" 
LEE AARON / Singer / Songwriter / Performer“
If you think the basic Rock or Punk formula is over and done with you need to see the young new band Childsplay. 
At a tender age they are making the old formulas fresh, and they are making it their own. I think they turn out a believable performance, which is more than you can say for many successful acts out there with 10 times the experience.” 
HOWARD REDEKOPP / 54-40 / Tegan and Sara / You Say Party! We Say Die! / The New Pornographers / Mother Mother / etc.
It's not your little brother's type of punk. It's that real stuff reminiscent of California in the late 70's. HARD! Unlike a lot of kids today, Jaden, William and Levin are keen to the fact that the world is a pretty messed up place. Great energy, writing and musicianship belie their relatively short time in the game. Get them onto your iPod and head into the streets and be mad about something! 
Hyperdelic Fydelity.
“a bunch of snotty little punks that don't take crap from anyone...which is a good thing! Reminds me a lot of early Ramones”.
Tommy Phoenix, Fighting For Ithaca will be impressed with their recordings and songwriting. Flat out rock is what it is...
Greg Honish, Booking Agent, Concerts Department, Supernova
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